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You're having a baby!

This is the most emotional journey you will experience in your life time. This is when your life changes. This is when you need a strong support system in place for bringing your baby home. I’m excited you are considering a Doula and I would be honored and humbled to support your family during this wonderful transition. 

Let’s chat so I can answer any questions you have and talk about how I can help you.

Shelley Mack
Bend Doula Services


About Me

When I was growing up, I wanted my mom to have more kids so that I could take care of a baby . I babysat for years as a preteen because I love babies. I started my family at a young age because all I wanted was to be a mom. After three kids, I managed to stay home and raise them. I taught childbirth education classes in the evening and was asked to join couples at their birth to help support them in labor and delivery.

I’ve always been passionate about women’s health, pregnancy, labor, delivery and newborns. I have accompanied many families in the labor  and delivery of their baby.

Shelley Mack About Me


What I Do

I accompany women in pregnancy and labor to ensure they have a compassionate, safe birth experience through trust, connection and love.  My goal is for you to have a memorable, healthy, informed birth experience. This will be accomplished through approximately three prenatal visits so that we can get to know each other and work on relaxation tools and techniques. I will be on call for you two weeks prior to your delivery date.

Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, as your doula I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Hand on Bump

Postpartum Support

I will be there for you so you can be there for your family. I have a natural willingness to jump in to help without judgment, no agendas… just support.

Every family has its own unique needs and I believe the fourth trimester is as critical as the other three and I’m so excited you are here.


In giving birth to our

babies, we may find that

we give birth to new

possibilities within ourselves.


John Kabat-Zinn



Every birth is different and having Shelley to guide and comfort me through both of my sons birth's has been a huge blessing for my family. Shelley took the time to listen to what my husband and I wanted in our birthing experience and respected our plan throughout the journey.

I vividly remember her holding my hand and looking into my eyes, taking me through each contraction. I felt safe. I felt strong. And I felt cared for
Even though both of my births were completely different, my Doula was that constant that I could trust and rely on through the most wonderful and difficult experiences I've gone through. I am so grateful for Shelley and the respect she showed us all the way from pregnancy to welcoming our newborn! 

Mallory Larranaga - Sunriver, OR

I had the pleasure of working with Shelley Mack from 2009 through 2018. It is hard to put into words all that Shelley did for our family since she fulfilled so many roles in our household. Her most important job was that of a nanny for my two children from the moment they were born. She was responsible for childcare duties including, but certainly not limited to, day-to-day activities with the children, taking them to activities, and cooking and serving tasty and nutritious meals. My husband and I have very demanding careers which sometimes involve some very unpredictable and long hours. Shelley was always there for us, providing stability and comfort. She was wonderful at anticipating our needs and planning ahead.

Shelley always brings joy to our household with much love and laughter. We often say that Shelley has a “heart connection” with our children and we feel that she is truly a valued part of our family now and forever.

I know that Shelley will provide deep joy and abiding comfort to her clients in her work as a doula and she will enrich the lives of those around her.

Meredith Baker, MD - Bend, OR

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